Gboard for iPhone can now send drawings, maps, YouTube videos

Google today rolled out a nice new Gboard update for iPhone, adding the ability to send drawings, Google Maps, and YouTube videos. The additions make the best third-party keyboard on iOS even better. I’m not a huge fan of third-party iPhone keyboards. I feel like they’re not as good as the default iOS keyboard thanks […]

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Treat yourself to a better weather app

This post is presented by Today Weather. Your weather app is probably the last thing you daydream about upgrading. After all, iOS comes with a pretty straightforward, reliable weather app. But when we tried free alternative Today Weather, we found some interesting features we didn’t even know we wanted. Let’s be clear: Any alternative for […]

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How to load and play podcasts offline on Apple Watch

A lot of people who enjoy listening to podcasts or music while jogging will agree that it’s inconvenient to carry an iPhone. While music lovers can sync playlists from their iPhone to their Apple Watch, Apple’s Podcast app doesn’t do the same for podcasts. That’s unfortunate. However, it’s simple to send podcasts to Apple Watch […]

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HomePod Features 272 x 340 Display and 1GB RAM

Though Apple’s HomePod speaker won’t launch until December, Apple on Friday released firmware for the device, allowing developers to glean information both about the speaker itself and the upcoming iPhone 8 by digging into the code.

According to the latest revelation, shared on Twitter by Avery Magnotti, the screen of the HomePod that’s used to display a visible multicolor LED waveform when interacting with Siri measures in at 272 x 340.

The display blends in seamlessly with the top of the device and is primarily dedicated to making it clear when Siri is listening to a command, but it also includes virtual buttons for activating Siri and controlling speaker volume. Based on previous leaks, the screen could also display other shapes or symbols, but its full functionality isn’t yet known.

Along with the dimensions of the display, the information leaked today suggests the HomePod is equipped with 1GB RAM, equivalent to the amount of RAM in older iOS devices. HomePod also includes an A8 chip, and combined with the RAM, it’s more powerful than competing smart speakers, enabling features like spatial awareness, Siri interactivity, and impressive sound.

As we learned over the weekend, HomePod will run a full version of iOS and can be equated to an iPhone without a screen. It will use a shell app called “SoundBoard” to integrate with the hardware built into the device, and it will include Accessibility features like VoiceOver.

HomePod is priced at $349 and will be available for purchase in December.

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