Hands-on: Elgato HD60 S – a solid video capture and live streaming companion [Video]

Working with video takes up a significant portion of my day-to-day schedule, and much of that is taken via a mirrorless camera like the Panasonic GH5. Yet, from time to time I find it necessary to capture direct feed video straight from source. In these situations, I’ve enjoyed using Elgato’s Game Capture HD60 S.

While the name ‘Game Capture’ may lead one to believe that the device is only relevant for gamers, it’s actually useful in a lot of different situations that may benefit Mac users. As an example, I used the Game Capture HD60 to capture UEFI BIOS footage for my Hackintosh builds, routing output straight from the video card.

But the Game Capture line of hardware is more than just a capture device; it can also be used to help facilitate live streams via Twitch, YouTube, and other services. Have a look at our hands-on unboxing and walkthrough of the $180 Game Capture HD60 S for more details. more…